What is the best way to grow my Epaqmat XXL?

The plants on your Epaqmat XXL are very small and very tight. This means that they do need light, normal to high. So do not expect him to grow under a big anubias barterii mother plant. But that is ok. The mat will not rot but will just faint. The little plants will disappear in your filter.

Another very important thing is the fertilizer. You have hundreds of little plants on 60*40 cm. So all these little plants will need some food. The best you can do is to use a general liquid plant food that contains all basic ingredients.

The third thing that is very important is the space for the roots.

The roots of the Epaqmat need some space to develop. They need to breath and eat and grow. So do not place them directly on the glass. Do not really stick them on a smooth surface. Make sure that they have some space around them.
In the pictures you can see the differences. There is not a big difference between the gravel and the grains, but a very big difference between the glass and the other two!

You can find a poster with clear explanation here. Hang the poster in your store!
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Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae (Syn: L. brasiliensis)     Epaqmat XXL 40 x 60 cm     E220

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Micranthemum Monte Carlo     Epaqmat XXL 40 x 60 cm     E319

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Eleocharis parvula (Previously: E. acicularis)     Epaqmat XXL 40 x 60 cm     E1025

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