New! 12 Pond plant assortments on a trolley

400 pond plants..... what to choose??

Just pick up one of our 12 standard assortments, collected by us and presented on a beautiful selling DC with Top label!!
The best mix between standard plants and the newest trends!

Especially the mini ponds for the terrace are real cliffhangers!

Please contact us at to order these trollies!

From now on, nothing can stop your pond season flowering!

Our Pondplant-assortments

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  1. P9(P9 pots to start the season from march/ 751€ Excluding shipping costs)
  2. Cups (beautifull presentation in the shop with blue cups/ 966Excluding shipping costs)
  3. Terrace (Waterlilies, oxygen plants and floating plants /736Excluding shipping costs)
  4. P18 (Oxygenplants and a great collection for a large assortment for the whole season/ 575.90Excluding shipping costs)
  5. Mix P9/P18/Waterlilies (Great collection for the whole season/ 755Excluding shipping costs)
  6. Floating plants  (for the busy weekends / 383Excluding shipping costs)
  7. Floating & Terrace(floating plants and 3 different terrace plants . 467Excluding shipping costs)
  8. Terrace colorful (baskets and bowls in different colours/ 632Excluding shipping costs)
  9. Terrace Deco  (wide assortment / 423Excluding shipping costs)
  10. Terrace special (wide assortment / 454Excluding shipping costs)
  11. Terrace new (wide assortment/ 293Excluding shipping costs)
  12. Terrace plus  (just like nr. 11, just more/ 702Excluding shipping costs)

We will find the cheapest transportation costs for you!

Price card

List of zones


Nymphaea Firecrest     Basket (11*11) with stitch label     V11950

  • per 6 (Order / 6)

Nymphaea Fire Opal     Basket (11*11) with stitch label     V11953

  • per 6 (Order / 6)

Nymphaea Fabiola     Basket (11*11) with stitch label     V11940

  • per 6 (Order / 6)