An aquarium at home

Enjoy your aquarium at home.

This beautiful aquarium gives sphere to your livingroom. More and more people enjoy this hobby of aquascaping. It is fun to do and with pretty plants and colorful fish you can create your own aquarium in no time. People wil be impressed of it. With a few tips and tricks, which you can read on our website, you can become a real expert. 

Just try it and start creating your very own aquarium now!

On the picture you can see the aquarium of our collegue Aline from Hoek van Holland.

This beautiful aquarium is also decorated with plants from Songrow.

You can see Anubias and Micranthemum in de foreground. In the background you can see Eleodea densa, Echinodorus and Microsorum.

Together with colorful fish you can easily create your own underwater world.

Also notice the decorative items. Different size stones and the use of Stonewood give a boost to every aquarium. 

Make your aquarium complete with the right light. Your fish wil begin to sparkle and together with the intense green color of the plants and you wil have fun watching the life in your aquarium.