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Discover the Epaqmat, watch our video here!

Discover the Epaqmat, watch our video here!

Petsnack, increase your revenue with this unique product!

Tempt your customer with our beautiful display on which our colorful salads beg to be eaten!!!

Mos pads: the easy way to fixate your moss a little bit

Mosses are very nice plants that you can sell in many ways.
At this moment we offer them at 4 different ways, with different supports to use them in your aquarium:

1. As an Epaqvitrolp...

Growcap: the journey from excellent idea to perfect presentation!

In an aquarium, the main thing is to create an ecological balance:

  • enough plants
  • beautiful fish
  • correct fertilizer

But it also needs the right bacteria for an ecological balance!

Our product GROWCAP helps with this!

The new deco-trend: Pondplants in terracotta-pots!

The new deco-trend: Pondplants in terracotta-pots!

Simply beautiful on the terrace!

This is how the Epaqmat becomes the highlight of your aquascape!

Does your Epaqmat look weak and powerless? Did the Epaqmat stop growing?

These may be the reasons why the Epaqmat stopped growing.

Growcap: Our introduction deal!


When you place an order in March 2020 of:

- 6 bags for 10-100 l

- 6 bags for 100-250 l

- 6 bags for 250-500 l

Then this is for an amount of approximately 120 € and you will receive our display INCLUDING flyers for free!

So, contact us for your first order!

Growcap: Use the display and tell the story!

A simple story of bacteria, that convert the leavings of the fish into nutrients and bring it in their backpacks to the plants!

That story must be told! Customers will not see that, when these capsules are on the shelf.

No, Growcap doesn't belong there. It deserves a place of honor.

On the counter or directly on the plant tank.