Stonewood - a decoration element

We now offer StoneWood. StoneWood is a decoration element made from ceramics. It can be beautifully integrated in an underwater landscape. The name says it all: StoneWood are ceramics, that look like wood.

This material has a lot of advantages. It is heavy and stays on the ground. Stonewood doesn’t contain any substances, that go over into the water. Decorated with one or more plants, StoneWood shows its natural look underwater.

Fish, that swim in an aquarium with StoneWood, get a brighter color.  That is because of the black-white color of the StoneWood. 

All StoneWood products  were crafted by hand and are unique. There are different sizes and different kinds. Take a look at our webshop and discover the complete range of StoneWood products.

We also offer matching LEDs. They can be combined with StoneWood and turn your aquarium into a mystic underwater magic.     

But stonewood doesn't only look good. It is a playground and a home for your shrimp. Try it and have fun!

Take a look in our webshop!