Corporate Social Responsibility

SonGrow is a labour intensive company that cooperates with many customers, consumers, employees and people whose passion it is to keep an aquarium!

Therefore, SonGrow stands at the heart of the community and tries to make a contribution. Songrow does this because it is necessary, because it is fun and just because it is possible.

So we are always open for:

  • Excursions
  • Traineeships
  • Guided tours
  • We are certified trainers for two schools: KCH and MBO Westland

But we are also actively working together in solving social problems.

So we work with the following organisations:

  • Plantum
  • OFI
  • NAK-tuinbouw
  • MPS 

SonGrow also of course contributes to the environment by paying a lot of attention to a good resistance of the plants against diseases and pests and by using biological control as much as possible.

Most people always think with Songrow in society of the so-called classical charities. Among others, our work with the social workplace always gets mentioned. We enjoy working with MVO-Westland, Stichting Patijnenburg and Midd-in, but the work of the social workplace actually belongs to our unique way of working and natural teamwork.

For this teamwork SonGrow even received the price of most social employer in the horticulture sector in the Netherlands in 2015!

However, we do support certain charities. We like to tell you more about the foundation Nino in Peru, where Jolanda is teaching children to take charge of their own future. Why don’t you read about his. It is really impressive!

We also support local sport clubs and event such as  the handball club Quintus, that organised our Christmas cakes this year and gymnast club KDO from Maasdijk.

Finally, Tang Soo Do is the passion of the founders of SonGrow, Petra en Bert Hogendoorn.


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