In there familiarisation phase, our new consultants, An Meyer and Kirsten Pijnaker, quickly realised, that it is all about one thing:
That is correct, but nevertheless  “custom-made” or “variable supply” is not our slogan. But yes, we do our best to commit ourselves to your needs. The idea is, that you, as a retailer, are able to earn money with selling our plants and products!


In the innovating process the following questions came up:

  • What do you want to know?
  • How do you want to receive your plants?
  • How can you present your plants in the shop?
  • How can you present your plants in a cost-efficient way?

If you talk about this with different people, surprising ideas come up! 

That is why we work with people, who love plants, are proud of our company and are happy with there colleges. A lot of our students work at least 6 years in our company. They are able to work on all departments, such as: production, plant care, inventory, administration, registration, reporting.  All that you can imagine. They make video clips and write reports. 

On the initiative of our students, we even created our new “Sold out = Sold out” line! 

SonGrow gives them the possibility to realise these ideas. We permanently receive feedback and tips from our staff to make products better.

We have a very work intensive production, but our staff delivers a top performance every day!

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Shell - 2 species stem plants in 1 shell     Plant in a shell     1704

  • Special (Order / 5)
  • Special (Order / 5)

Moss on Wood     Wood S 3     1576

  • Special (Order / 3)
  • Special (Order / 3)