Our Greenhouse and Facilities

On the page "Unique way of work" you can read moor about our facilities.

Here you can see pictures and read more about the recent developments:

This is SonGrow from birds’ perspective. You can see this way that we have different departments with different roofs, such as glass (high light transmission) and double-skin sheets.

We renewed all double-skin sheets this year, to help us to be more energy-efficient.

At the moment we are busy with calculations regarding the investment in solar panels. Unfortunately the Netherlands aren’t Germany or Sweden. In the Netherlands it still seems to be more economical to use energy from the power plant rather then renewable energy.

…To be continued!

As we said before, a lot of plants are cultivated in a special way.

If you are really interested in our company we would be glad to welcome you in our greenhouses. Please get in contact with us for an appointment.

Enjoy a video-impression of our company.