Cultivating fun - Let the fun grow!

It should be fun to sell aquatic plants and to earn money with it.

SonGrow helps you to chat with your customers and to give hem professional advices.

We constantly work on new products, tools and technologies to reach this goal.

Epaqso 3.0 illustrates very well this philosophy. It is a unique selling system which has been constantly improved thanks to the feedback we got from our customers. With Epaqso 3.0 all plants are nicely displayed and the consumer can easily make its choice with the information above water. You sell more plants and the aquarium remains clean and organized for a longer period of time.

Merchandising in your shop is very important to us. That’s why we also developed other special products, such as Epaqvitro (plants grown in cups) and our unique Epaqmat (a carpet made of plants).

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.Selection Epaqvitro our selection (mosses and plants)     Epaqvitro 100 ml cup 6     5299

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