Discover the Epaqmat, watch our video here!

Why choose the Epaqmat?

  • The Epaqmat is perfect for beginners.

  • It is the fastest way to transform your aquarium.

  • The aquascape possibilities are endless.

Starting Epaqmat

When you start with an Epaqmat in your aquarium, the first few days are the most important. We will tell you how best to get started with the Epaqmat and have the greatest chance of success. Place the Epaqmat on a nutrient medium in a small layer of water. After a few days, you will notice that the roots of the Epaqmat grow down towards the nutrient soil. When the mat has rooted, you can fill the aquarium completely with water. For extra nutrients, Growcap capsules can be added to the substrate.

Different sizes

We offer the Epaqmat in three different sizes:

  • Medium - (M) -  20 * 15 cm - A5 format

  • Large - (L) - 20 * 30 cm - A4 format

  • Extra large - (E) - 40 * 60 cm - A2 format

This does not mean that the mat can only be placed on rectangular surfaces. In fact, the mats can be cut to size! Because it is a grass mat consisting of many small plants, the different pieces into which the mat can be cut also grow separately from each other.


The Epaqmat requires very little attention once it has taken root, which is ideal! Because the Epaqmat is in fact made up of all sorts of small plants, it grows just like any other aquarium plant. Once in a while, you can trim the Epaqmat with scissors to make sure it grows fresh shoots. Trimming the mat will also ensure that no parts are overshadowed. This is important because plants need light to stay healthy.

Our product range

We offer the different sizes of Epaqmat in three plant species:

  • Lileaopsis novae-zelandiae (220)

  • Micranthemum Monte Carlo (319)

  • Eleocharis Parvula (1025)

Choose your favourite or use different pieces of the mats interchangeably for a unique scene in your aquarium!


As we mentioned earlier, the possibilities for your aquascape with an Epaqmat are endless. Place it on the bottom as a lawn in your aquarium. You can also cut holes in it and put plants in it. Using different sizes and colours of plants will create a beautiful bottom. Once the mat has taken root, you can experiment with the Epaqmat on pieces of wood or stone, for example. Place the mat horizontally or vertically, nothing is too crazy!

Shrimps and the Epaqmat

The Epaqmat provides the perfect hiding place for shrimps. These critters will love the lush carpet. They can hide and entertain on it. Can keep the leaves clean and feel safe there.