Traineeships, vacancies and excursions

SonGrow wants to show what they are doing.

Of course to customers but sometimes also to the customers of customers, such as an aquarium club. Therefore, we sometimes organise an educational excursion to share our passion, to receive feedback from the consumer and to strengthen our brand.

As certified trainer of KCH and MBO Westland  we also like to organise traineeships. We especially enjoy the traineeships of the first learning year MBO: the students are allowed to work anywhere in the company during 4 days a week. Are you looking for a traineeship? Mail us your CV on time together with a personal letter in which you explain why you would like to have a traineeship with Songrow.

We are also regularly looking for part-time employees for Saturdays. Would you like to work most Saturdays (and you do not participate in a sport with matches at 12:00 in the afternoon), please send us a mail with your CV and above all a letter in which you explain who you are:

  • Which school you go to
  • What your hobbies are and
  • What you would like to be in future?

This will help us to assess if we have a free place that would be suitable for you! The mail address is