Foundation Niños Peru

The world is on fire, terrible things are happening everywhere, but all lot of good things are also happening!

In 1995 Jolanda van den Berg went to Peru and decided to stay there to give neglected children a fresh start.

This was her device: “even if I only help one!’. However, she had no real vision on what that help could really entail.

Twenty years later things are different!

She helps children discover that you can have FUN! That there is friendship and that you can laugh and play. You are not always able to control this yourself, but you have a choice to grab chances and make something of your life. She cares for children after school, she provides them with food, a chance to shower, to do sports and to play. She teaches the children and the people around them to take care of themselves and each other. In order that they are not alone and get to know friendship and fun.

It is not easy to explain. We like to day: Have a look for yourself on the website. 

And if anyone decides to go to Cusco in Peru? Please let us know!!