Mountain Landscape - Step by Step

Learn how to create a mountain landscape!

The german aquascaper Oliver Lindemann shows you how to create this step-by-step on his website. After arranging the hardscape, he adds plants from our Epaqvitro collection, such as Eleocharis spec. mini. This plant fits well in the landscape, because it reflects the character of the mountains with its typical vegetation. Like on facebook.

In the short slide show you can see the results of Patrick Tillichs PT-Aquascape moutain-range aquascape!

The austrian aquascaper inspires: Get amazed of nature!


Eleocharis sp. mini     Epaqvitro 100 ml cup     5214

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Didiplis diandra     Epaqvitro 100 ml cup     5203

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Staurogyne repens     Pot     401

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