Coaching system

We would like everyone at SonGrow to do what is best for the customer. Work fast, work well and make beautiful things.

You can only do this if you feel confident enough to quickly make your own decisions.

And when you feel confident enough to look at your colleague as well, and give him or her tips. It is not for nothing that schools have so much group work! 

What you also see in schools is that they work with competencies: skills you learn instead of tasks that you can perform. This is clear from the above:
You must learn to have self-confidence and courage to be able to work together with your colleagues! 

When we realized this we set up our coaching system, wherein every employee can tell us himself about what he or she is good at, and what he wants to do better in the following period. He also has the opportunity to indicate whether he likes the work he is doing now. Whether that work can be done better or differently and whether he can achieve that.

To know how anyone thinks about his achievements and his work you'll have to talk to him. Of course this can partly be done through ICT. You can create newsletters, score lists, planning lists etc. You can also create daily reports and read them all. All of this works fine, but only for those who really feel like it! We want to reach everyone. 

This is why we made the steps smaller.
In principle, every employee has his own coach. That coach knows him or her. Knows where he goes to school, what his hobbies are, whether he is happy etc. So a little emotional closeness. The coach reviews his people twice a year. He indicates how he thinks his colleague is doing. He discusses this with Saskia, our "chief coach" who thus gets to know everyone pretty well. 

Subsequently Saskia holds an evaluation meeting with the employees twice a year. The employees can then indicate in which skills they have grown and what they want to learn. For each skill they learned they get a small raise. An extra incentive to show something of yourself!

Watch the film to learn more about it!

In this way we work with 70 students that finish the job together in an enthusiastic, fanatical, quick and accurate way, every Saturday.
And the stories they tell us: Delightful! 

We also try to work with this coaching system during the week.
On a slightly different way that better suits these employees and the pressures associated with the daily work. And it goes well! Two years ago we had "crappy chores" that ALWAYS had to be done by you. But when you work together to ensure to keep things running. Well, then these crappy chores don't take that long. 

And thus there is a radiant team that really puts down a top performance, every day!