This is how the Epaqmat becomes the highlight of your aquascape!

Does your Epaqmat look weak and powerless? Did the Epaqmat stop growing?

These may be the reasons why the Epaqmat stopped growing:

  1. Too little light. If there is insufficient light, the mat loses its power and energy.
  2. The substrate is compressed and hard. Our research has shown that the Epaqmat doesn't grow on a glass without substrate.. A hard, muddy substrate has the same effect as the glass. It is therefore important to have a permeable soil, for example made of gravel.
  3. It may also be because of the nutrients in the water, but in the first weeks after purchase this is unlikely. The Epaqmat has enough back-up to continue to grow.

Most likely it is due to a lack of light and a  low-oxygen soil or to an acidic, muddy substrate.

How can you see if the substrate is okay?

  1. Pull another plant out of the substrate and look at its roots:
  2. Does the plant have roots, but nothing else? Then the substrate is not good.
  3. Does the plant have beautiful white roots, which havemany branches and also very fine hair roots? Then the substrate is good.

The Epaqmat grows best on gravel as a substrate and nutrients in from our Growcap! So the Epaqmat stays simply beautiful and powerful in an esay way!