Moderate price increase 2023

Are we pure optimists?

I think so, people often say it about me. I like to focus on the sun that is shining.
But it is a fact that we see prices stabilizing somewhat.
International gas prices seem to have passed their peak. This is not yet reflected in the gas bill, but according to the government, it is only a matter of time......
Some price increases of transport companies are much lower than expected. The diesel surcharge will also be reduced to less than 20%. (which is hugh, but less than 40).
Everything is getting more expensive, but the real extreme panic reaction seems to be over...

We have been waiting for this moment. A tough of stability so we can make a reasonable price increase that isn't immediately dramatic.

From April 2023 we will increase our prices by 4%.

This applies to all our products, except for pond plants.
The last time that we raised our the prices for pond plants was the season of 2019 and we are going to offer a new concept.
So that's a brand new situation that we'll update you on in February.

For all other products we are happy to be able to keep the increase somewhat within limits.
As of 1/4/2023 you will receive our new stock list with the prices as they apply from that date.

Would you like to receive a price list in advance? Then you can contact us at