A catalogue to work with! And it is growing!

Hundreds of different aquatic plants, that can be devided in different sections depending on th etemperature, speed of growth, ect. That is what we do!

But we do more!

Whenever we experience something special with a plant, we add that information to our catalogue.

That means that you will see more pictures in the catalogue. An official foto, with all special details of the plant and that can also be found on the lable. But also a picture of the plant, the way it looks under water.

Enjoy the world of aquatic plants!  

Every day Yvan (sales France) goes for his lunch to the cafeteria. To get there, he has to walk through many greenhouses. That is smart, because this way he gets excercise and also takes a look at all plants. Sometimes, if he is very excited about a plant, he takes a picture. He shares these fotos with the team and this way everybody knows which plants are beautiful at the moment. Knowing this, we can recommend them to you.

If you are logged in you can see the plants that are most beautiful at the moment.

Try it!


Information we give about a plant:

  • One or more pictures.
  • Everything is in English!
    • All information you can find on the lable.
    • Our own opinion about/ experience with the plant. This is constantly growing!




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Microsorum pteropus     Mother plant     1526

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