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The convenience of self-service without any investment: Het Aquaplant Display

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It is high season, franco is low and our quality is superb! What's holding you back?

Order our Display and experience together with us a fantastic season.

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Due to the demand, we have developed a new, larger Blisterdisplay.

Now available!

At a trade fair in September 2017 we have presented our larger display for the first time and the response was very positive. Our blisters are highly appreciated because the packaging does not cover with fog and the plants stay fresh for a long time.

On the large display, approximately 30 Blisters and 6 Epaqmats can be suspended, depending on your personal layout.


.Display Aquaplant Blister FOR FREE (if you place 4 orders in 6 weeks)     Product     5431

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.Display Aquaplant Blister for 5x3 FOR FREE (if you place 8 orders within 10 weeks)     Product     5433

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