Cabomba and Eichornea forbidden!

Everyone is used to Cabomba caroliniana, but it is a species that is dangerous for the environment. From August 3rd it is forbidden for us to sell it in the EU. According to the law you are allowed to sell these plants 12 more months in your shop.

There are other kinds of Cabomba, but they have a very short life and that is why we don't recommend them. But we have a great alternative!

Limnophila sessiliflora (Ambulia), a great plant which grows in our greenhouses, strong and with power to grow.

And with the same advantages as Cabomba caroliniana: Nice green, it looks great under water, delivers a lot of oxygen and fish love to eat from it. 

Besides this, but very important, Limnophila sessiliflora has the advantage, that is keeps growing in your aquarium.

Try it!

If you like the plant, we can also make bunches from it!

W now have enough Limnophilia sessiliflora in stock.
We also recommend theses alternatives:


Limnophila is the best, but not so good in cold water. According to C. Kasselmann, Egeria najas accepts 15 degrees. In other words: A perfect cold water plant. Bacopa monieri is also ok in cold water. The other species mentioned above don't appreciate low temperatures.

Also Eichornea crassipes (waterhyacint) wil be forbidden from August 3rd. From that day on we can only enjoy this plant on pictures.


More information about the restriction you can find here:

Access to the European Union law

European Commision about Invasive Alien Species

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