Actually bunches are cutted twigs, bundles to a bunch at the last moment.

In fact like a bouquet of flowers. And there you see at the same time the big problem:  a bunch has a hard time to survive!

Nevertheless we have chosen to sell bunches for the following reasons:

  • Some plants only grow in the tropics. It is less heavy and less voluminous when you transport these plants to Europe as a bunch than as a potted plant. Less air cargo means less ballast for the environment!
  • Of course not every plant is always used to plant an aquarium. Perhaps it is not your attention at all to really cultivate them. Perhaps you are really looking for a bunch as decoration, for  example in a nice looking vase. In that case a bunch is nice and practical
  • Unknown-unloved - Alot of people just want to buy a bunch.    

 End of discussion.

How can you use the plants in the aquarium?

  1. When you want the bunches just for decoration in a beautiful vase, than they are ready to use.
  2. If you want to cultivate them in an aquarium with fishes, that it could be wise to remove the foam and the led from the bunches.
  3. After removing the foam you could cut  a few cm from the end of the stems, just to allow the plant to make a fresh start. Please do not cut the stems if you see any roots!!
  4. Rinse the plant thoroughly. This is not necessary but can’t harm the plant.

Especially if you have sensitive species living in you aquarium, such as certain kinds of shrimp, we recommend to always rinse the plants thoroughly and to remove the rock wool. It is ideal to put the plant, once it is clean, into a tank with clean water for 12 hours.

The best way of planting the plants:

Plant them with tweezers or with your hands in small groups of two or three stems. Leave 2-3cm space between the groups.  Put long, thick stems at the background and small, thin stems in the front of the aquarium.

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