Information for the customer

Aquatic plants are almost always sold individually. A customer can choose for example a giant plant or a unit of 10 bunches of the same kind.
Our assortment consists of at least 150 different kinds of plants, each having its perfect size!

To be able to do this it is very important to explain to you what we can offer. That is why we have a comprehensive online catalogue . We also send our weekly stocklist.

This is one of the reasons why we launched this new website:
Now we are able to inform you more quickly about the plants that are the most beautiful in the greenhouse at this moment!

Agro Service Centre 

Supplying information to clients of the Agro Service Centre is even a bit more difficult than to the aquaristic shops. In the Agro Service Centre we offer a service to third parties helping their fragile plants to become strong. That means that the plants are and stay in the property of the client (e.g. a vitro laboratory). Eventually the plants will be delivered via the client to a different grower anywhere in the world.

This grower ordered the plants that can be delivered today approximately two years ago. This plant is grafted, grown in a laboratory, e.g. layered via a laboratory and grows a certain time at Songrow. This is a crucial moment! The process is very risky. But if all works as predicted the small plants will turn into strong plants and a full greenhouse. If not, the client has a big problem and an empty greenhouse!

All-in al it is not about “What a shame, I have tot think of something else”, but it is extremely important how the plants develop at SonGrow. That is why the client wants all information on time.
We have clients from all over the world and that makes it difficult for them to come into the company and check the plants themselves.

That was the reason for Songrow to develop a tissue cultivating registration system. The client can log into the system and can track his plants from A to Z. On the moment of delivery we take pictures and describe the quality. We can show how many plants we have planted out of the vitro cups and how many percent developed roots. After this the whole batch gets a growing spot in our greenhouse. Every week we take pictures of the batch, approximately from the same angle. We estimate the surviving percentage and whether the date of delivery can be achieved or must be postponed. If there are significant changes we contact the client via e-mail. This way we keep the client up to date, he can check his plants online or he can choose to come along for a visit. 

In terms of the success for the client the date of delivery and all things that come with it are very important.

We even substitute and refill plants in the trays to make a more uniform batch whenever that is necessary for the following step in the production process. If it is not necessary we don’t do it and simply count the good plants.
After all a new kind of plant only becomes a success if all parties can earn a little money. And in the tissue cultivating chain, there are a lot of parties involved!