Garten & Zooevent 2017 in Kassel

On Saturday, 23 September 2017, and on Sunday, 24 September 2017, the Garten- & Zooevent 2017 took place in Kassel.

Songrow also had their own stand and Petra, Bert, Anja, Hans and Peter were there to talk to our visitors.

Our four themes were enthusiastically received by all visitors.

It was all about the experience, to take a look behind the scenes of our nursery garden. According to our motto: Bring the nursery garden to your business! We brought 3D glasses with us, so our visitors could move virtually in our greenhouse. Did you miss the exhibition? No problem! You can also visit us now. Below you can find a link to various 360-degree photos.

We also brought a surprise with us! New: The Epaqmat XXL.

This is a huge plant carpet! A real meadow! Our visitors saw immediately the opportunities to offer this product in their own business and to show their customers the possibilities. Hills, paths, mixtures: The ideas were and are boundless! Our visitors saw the Epaqmat XXL in combination with our unique products as an ideal connection. Very simple: First of all, show the customer on the screen how beautiful the Epaqmat XXL is and then also chose immediately a Sold out=Sold out product. Simple and beautiful!

You can find more information about our Epaqmat XXL on

A tablet is particularly suitable for presentation during a sales talk. On the tablet you can show the Epaqmat XXL as well as our unique products. The page on which you can find our unique products is customer friendly and you will only see the prices after logging in.

Due to the demand, we have developed a new, large Blisterdisplay. We presented the Blisterdisplay for the first time at the exhibition and the response was very positive. Our visitors appreciate our Blisters very much, because the packaging won’t cover with fog and the plants stay fresh for a long time. On the large display, approximately 30 Blisters and 6 Epaqmats can be suspended, depending on your personal layout.