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The East Asian yellow water-lily (Nuphar japonica Spatterdock)

From now, but only for a short time, we offer this extraordinary plant, that you can't get anywhere else.

The East Asian yellow water-lily belongs to the family of water-lilys. This small version is the only one, that you can grow in an aquarium. 

This demandingless plant doesn't need any special care, but fits best in an open, large aquarium. 

Nuphar japonica Spatterdock has floating and onderwater-leaves. The floating leaves have a heartshape, are smooth and darkgreen. They look sililar to leaves of waterlilys, but are much smaller. The onderwater-leaves are very beautiful. They are almost transparent, light green and curly edges. 

We recommend to cut of the floating leaves in order to stimulate the groth of the onderwater leaves.

In the summer beautiful, yellow flowers can appear above the watersurface.

Make use of this one-time-only offer and show your aquaristic-loving customers this waterlily for the aquarium. 

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