Petsnack, increase your revenue with this unique product!

Why are we such a fan of fresh food for your pet?

1. It's tasty and varied.

2. These food plants contain important fibers and nutrients, which are good for the digestion and health of the pet.

3. It's a pleasure to hand-feed the PetSnack plants to pets, a moment of togetherness and cuddles!

4. Insects which are used for reptile-food remain in a much better condition while eating these plants: they are thik and juicy

5. Our PetSnack range is 100% organic!!!


Those are the reasons why we want to present this additional product with all our focuss:

With a display, a brochure and by talking about it.

There is so much choice and everything is of good quality and very tasty.

Our PetSnack range strengthens the customer's bond with his animal and with the store!


Because we are so enthusiastic about our feed plants, we offer the PetSnack range on a great display.

On this display, the plants are standing in the spotlight, both literally and figuratively.

Labels are available on the rack for each plant, so that the customer can clearly see which plants are where.

Spots are attached to the bottom of each shelf, so that the plants are nicely lit and will be the center of attention of the store!

The water storage makes sure that plant gets watered sufficiently and you only have to water the trays once a week.

After you have purchased the display, it is possible to order the PetSnack plants in small quantities. This allows you to always keep the display filled!


100% organic - 100% attractive - low risk


IMPORTANT: The feed plants from the PetSnack plant range are not a stand-alone food. It is an addition to the existing pet diet!!! When someone buys a PetSnack plant, they are still buying the dry food!!!

Also it is an additional product!!

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