What makes our potted plants to such a success?

What is the reason why our potted plants are so good and how can you use them?

Songrow cultivates its pot plants on rock wool in the greenhouse. In the greenhouse there is such a high humidity, that the plants feel as if they are underwater. Under such circumstances the plants develop leafs, that will keep growing once they are put in an aquarium.

Once we receive an order, we pick the plants out of its usual environment and put it into a pot. The average time between picking plants and getting it ready for shipment is one hour. So the plants are super fresh!

How can you use the plants in the aquarium?

  1. Take the plant out of the pot and remove the rock wool.
  2. If you have problems removing the rock wool, try it once again under running water, use a knife or tweezers.
  3. Maybe you want to cut the roots a bit shorter.
  4. Rinse the plant thoroughly. This is not necessary, but can’t harm the plant.

Especially if you have sensitive species living in you aquarium, such as certain kinds of shrimp, we recommend to always rinse the plants thoroughly and to remove the rock wool. It is ideal to put the plant, once it is clean, into a tank with clean water for 12 hours. 

How to plant pot plants:

There are three groups of plants that can be used for different purposes:

  • Stemm plants (e.g.Hygrophylla)  
    • Plant them with tweezers or with your hands in small groups of two or three stems. Leave 2-3cm space between the groups.
  • Rhizome plants (e.g. Anubias)
    • You create a real eye-catcher, if you attach the plant to an object, such as wood or stone. Use wire or special glue.
  • Plants that grow out of the centre (rosette plants)
    • Give them open space so that they can fan in the water.

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