The new strip

This is what you were looking for for such a ling time! Now we made it!

  • A strong, healthy bunch WITHOUT LEAD and WITHOUT FOAM and WITHOUT ROCKWOOL
  • Finally a real alternative to import-bunches
  • Grown in our own nursery and free from chemicals
  • Each plant has roots, is strong and growing

With our new strip you can offer real plants for the price of a bunch!

Every plant has its own lable. That is very handy!

And you can present the strips in a great way! You can simply attach it to the Epaqso-System or you can put the strips into your aquarium just like that. One strip consits of 10 units. It is very easy to detacht a unit from the strip. 

All plants that we offer as bunches, are now also availible on a strip. 

We also offer a mixed bunch (S1667) on the strip. This mixed bunch consists of 3 great kinds of plants with contrast colors. This makes this bunch just perfect for an aquarium with goldfish or as a decoration element for a vase.

From now on the following plants will be available on the strip:

S1667                    mixed bunch for cold water: 3 colors 

S290                      Lysemachia aurea

S247                      Ludwigia repens rubin

S270                      Limnophila sessiliflora 

This is realy the next generation aquatic plants!! A budget-eco-plant. 

100% produced in the Netherlands, growing strong, healthy and for a good and fair price. 

Ask for the new strip with your next order and experience all the advantages.

...Mixstrip 3 species/pot, colourfull     Strip-bunch-without led     S1667

  • Strip Bunches-without led the luxe (Order / 10)

..Lysimachia aurea (yellow)     Strip-bunch-without led     S290

  • Strip Bunches-without led the luxe (Order / 10)

..Ludwigia repens Rubin     Strip-bunch-without led     S247

  • Strip Bunches-without led the luxe (Order / 10)