The procedure about CC-trollies

We will deliver the pond plants on CC-trolleys, which belong to an exchange system.  (CC with the new green locker since january 2019)

This central exchange system operates all over Europe. Every seller and buyer of plants and flowers can use this system.
The maintainance of the trolleys is organised central, chain wide and everybody pays a contribution to make this possible.

You can recognize thise trolleys on the green lockers. These green lockers exists from January 2019.
On the photo you see the picture of the old red lock and the green new lockers.

The idea is that the trolleys are "moving" every time. So you will have to pay a day rent when you want to keep them for a while.
That is the reason why the rule is that the driver always has to exchange the trolley.

So:   1 trolley leaves the truck at the same time 1 trolley enters the truck!!

So you will have to make sure that the driver can always collect one trolley with red label when he brings 1 trolley!!

Most garden centers do not have a problem with this rule.

Every plant/little tree or flower will be delivered on a CC, so they are always availabel.

But for a specialized pet-shop this could be different!

There are a few options for the shops without CC-trollies with a green locker:

1. You immediately unload the trolley!
    This is possible, but the driver will not help you and does not have lots of time!
    You also miss the possibility to have such a nice display in your shop!

2. You tell us to send you the plants on a trolley without red locker.
    In that case you will buy the trolley (+ 3 shelves). This will once cost you 75 euro's.
    Each extra shell will cost euro 7.50

3. After you have done this, you can keep the trolley on you shop.
    You can use it as an display or a trolley during the whole year. You can even un-install the trolley, but you will not do this.
    You will love this little trolley!

4. Your next order of pond plants will no longer be a problem: just make sure that the old trolley is empty and change the trolley! The only thing you must do is tell us that you have a trolley without a green label, so that we can send to you also a trolley without a green label.

As you see: CC-trolleys are really handy! During transport as well as using them in the shop!

But please pay attention!!!! When the driver will not be able to change the trolleys, we must charge you with euro 150!!

We must send the truck back to your shop than to pick up an empty trolley and that is no good! Not for the money, not for the environment!!