It is getting warmer! Time to think about the pond season!

It's March already! It is slowly getting warmer outside! 

Now is the time to start the pond season with a nice trolly of Caltha palustris and oxygenplants, such as Anagallis tenella of Hippuris vulgaris.

Pondplants are very important for your pond, because they help keeping the water clear.

Oxygenplants don't just look nice. They also help to create an ecological balance in the pond. Pondplants absorb all extra nutrition in the water. This way there won't be any nutrition left for algee te grow.

Take a look at our wide range of modern decoration and beautiful pondplants. 

No time to choose all the plants by yourself?
Go for our pondplant-assortments on a trolley! This week we recommend P18 (V03):  A large mix of 126 plants in P18-pots for a wide range for the whole season!

Caltha palustris - Marsh marigold     Pot P9     V10110

  • per 6 (Order / 6)

Caltha palustris - Marsh marigold     Basket, ready to use, 18 cm     V12580

  • per 3 (Order / 3)

Anagallis tenella - Flaxleaf pimpernel     Oxygen plants P11     V12175

  • per 10 (Order / 10)