Pondplants with a fragrance!

It's the end of April. Time to get busy with the pondplants! People often use these warm days to work in the garden or around the pond. And some people enjoy sitting on the terrace together with friends and familie. 

These handy sixpacks with for example pondplants with a fragrance are wanted by pond-lover!

We now offer oxygenplants, cleansing pondplants, flowering pondplants, pondplants with a fragrance and insectfriendly pondplants in sixpacks. A sixpack consists uit of six different (matching with the theme) pondplants, that differ in leaveshape and hight. 

Tip: Combine different sixpacks for a large diversity of plants around your pond. That doesn't only look nice, it is also very good for the ecosystem of the pond.

But also the classic pondplants such as Lobelia cardinalis and Fritillaria meleagris are very populair at the moment.

Take a look at our wide range of modern decoration and beautiful pondplants. 

No time to choose all the plants by yourself?
Go for our pondplant-assortments on a trolley! This week we recommend Mix P9/P18/Waterlilies (V05): A wide range of pondplants and waterlillies for the whole season!

What was the name of the pondplant in Latin? 

Are you looking for a specific pondplant, but you only know the common name of it in English?

No problem! From now on you can not only find the names of our pondplants in Latin in our webshop, but also the common names of the plants in English.

That will make it so much easier to find the plants you need!

Theme sixpack Perfume!     Thema sixpack     V30025

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Theme sixpack flowering     Thema sixpack     V30030

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Theme sixpack loving insects     Thema sixpack     V30035

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