A real eye-catcher: terrace ponds

Terrace ponds are high in demand! Therefore, offer them in your shop!

People who do not have their own pond, would like to bring nature to the terrace.

Your terrace and your balcony will become a place of rest and relaxation with these beautiful terrace ponds.

The terrace ponds are available in two models:

  • Terrace pond "Zinc" with bowls in the colors: untreated (blanco), rust brown (roest) and gray (old gray)
  • Terrace pond "de luxe" with bowls in the colors: antraciet, gray and rust brown (roest)

Tip: Combine different terrace ponds in a group on the terrace or balcony!

Practical information: When ordering these terrace ponds, please note that you can only order 12 pondson one trolley. Only one layer of terrace ponds fits on a trolley. There would still be room for a layer of plants in cups, such as floating plants. That's why we recommend you order the terrace ponds as a second trolley. If you have any questions, we are gladly at your disposal (by phone)!

Also take a look at our wide range of modern decoration and beautiful pondplants. 

No time to choose all the plants by yourself?
Go for our pondplant-assortments on a trolley! This week we recommend our assortment "Floating plants" (V06): A beautiful presentation in the shop of 360 pondplants in blue cups. We recommend this trolley for busy weekends!

Pond terrace, zinc, rust + basket     Ready to use for pond and terrace     V20554

  • per 2 (Order / 2)

Pond terrace, zinc, old grey + basket     Ready to use for pond and terrace     V20555

  • per 2 (Order / 2)

Pond terrace de luxe antracite with basket     Ready to use for pond and terrace     V20556

  • per 2 (Order / 2)