Procedures and registration systems

Procedures and registration systems

Creating beautiful things, stimulating the consumer to play – That is what we want! Creating things is one thing… but than they are in the greenhouse…that is not enough. They have to be in the shops where you can sell them! To make this happen, we have to talk with the shops. To spend some time with you!

And that is only possible when we have all intern things extremely well organized with the result that there is time to talk. That is why we invest a lot of time and energy in our procedures and our ICT. The cloud and of databases accessible for everybody were a great eye-opener for us!

We all work together and use:

  • The same work methodes (as described in the intern procedures).
  • A stock- and purchase sytem (with facts about all purchased items such as: How does it look like? Where does it stand? What is the minimal and maximal stock? What is the expected period of delivery?).
  • A plant- planning- registration system, which enables us to remember everything of each kind of plant in our assortment: what is his natural habit, what do we know about the supplier, how did the plant look as a youngster, who planted it and with what result etc.
  • A cutting-registration system with which we can track and plan all ins and outs of our cuttings.
  • A tissue cultivating registration system that helps us track all units of cultivating tissue for third parties. Live, together with the purchaser, who can see at all times how his plants look like in our greenhouse!
  • An intern order system, which helps us with the daily order process and which manages all ins and outs of the billing
  • TEAM, the system, which adjusts the coaching and the intern work planning.
  • And of couse an advanced digital accounting system.

The systems are good, clear and distinct. Everybody can work with it. But we are very happy that we do not have to! The systems tip us off on time, if there is a problem somewhere. In this way we do not need to interfere and react all the time.

In this way we have time for you!