Epaqmat XXL

After the Epaqmat, Songrow now presents the superlative:

The Epaqmat XXL

The Epaqmat XXL is a huge plant carpet, which can almost be called a meadow.

From now on, playing with plants is a pleasure. Make something fantastic together with your customer!

Especially suitable for beginning aquarists, who would like to have a great landscape in their aquarium. More than 80% of the ground surface is immediately overgrown and green. This ensures a good ecological balance and prevents an algae attack.

The Epaqmat XXL has a size of 60cm x 40cm and can be easily cut into the right shape. Simple with a pair of scissors. Is this Epaqmat XXL to large for your aquarium? We also offer de Epaqmat in other sizes

It is important to add sufficient fertilizer. Tip: Combine the Epaqmat XXL with our Growcap for an optimal growth of the plant carpet!

Close customer contact can be created by preparing the underwater landscape individually and personally with the customer in your shop. You can find practical tips in this Video.

Or decorate "the meadow" with one of our unique products. Please follow this Link.

We offer the Epaqmat XXL in different varieties:

  • Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae (video)
  • Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae with moss (video)
  • Eleocharis parvula (video)
  • Micrantheum Monte Carlo
  • Hemianthus callitrichoides

Our Epaqmat XXL is very new and of course we’d love to hear your feedback and receive many photos!

The Epaqmat XXL on Youtube:

In this video, the French Aquascaper Aqua Zen will show you how you can also bring the Epaqmat XXL Micranthemum Monte Carlo (E319) into an existing aquarium.

The Epaqmat XXL can also easily be used in a paludarium to cover the ground. The german aquascaper Aquaowner shows it in his video

The german aquascaper Aquarium TV made a large aquascape with our Epaqmat XXL Eleocharis parvula (E1025) and various plants on the strip. The video is absolutely worth watching! 

Watch this video of the italian aquascaper AcquaSaur and see how you can work with Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae.

How to order the Epaqmat XXL:

Shops can order the Epaqmat XXL and all other products in our webshop!

Are you a consumer? Please ask your local shop, if they have the Epaqmat XXL in stock or ask an employee to order the product for you. You can also follow this link and enter your details. Then we can tell you, in which shop in your area our products, such as the Epaqmat XXL, are available.

Any problems with the Epaqmat XXL:

Does your Epaqmat look limp and weak? Has the Epaqmat stoped growing?

Read here about how to solve this problem!

Eleocharis parvula (Previously: E. acicularis)     Epaqmat XXL 40 x 60 cm     E1025

  • Epaqmat XXL (Order / 1)

Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae (Syn: L. brasiliensis)     Epaqmat XXL 40 x 60 cm     E220

  • Epaqmat XXL (Order / 1)

Micranthemum Monte Carlo     Epaqmat XXL 40 x 60 cm     E319

  • Epaqmat XXL (Order / 1)