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Due to Pentecost we cannot ship your orders on Monday 1st June.

We do prepare your orders though on this date for shipment as from Tuesday 2nd June.

Please be ...

A catalogue to work with! And it is growing!

Hundreds of different aquatic plants, that can be devided in different sections depending on temperature, speed of growth, ect. That is what we do!

But we do more!


Every now and then we celebrate and enjoy a party!

Here you can see a few pictures!

SonGrow received MVO Award

September 2015, at the beach of Hoek van Holland.
SonGrow was nominated for the award of the most social employer of the horticulture.
Shall we win it?

We cut our work in pieces and this way everybody can do something.

We work with alot of people and very flexible working times. How do you do that? You cut the work in small pieces and work together! This we learned form working together with the sheltered workshop.

Coaching system

Coaching helps you to feel confident enough tp quickly make your own decisions!

Information for the customer

How do we inform the customer about the plants of today?