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Stonewood with plants - the 'ready to use' decoration element

We now offer StoneWood with plants.

StoneWood with plants is a decoration element made from ceramics and decorated with beautiful plants.

Get this treasure at Songrow!

Be different with Songrow! This jewel you can only get from us!

Bucephalandra at Songrow

We offer you now these rare plants:


Cabomba aquatica: Get to know the main advantages!

Get to know the main advantages of Cabomba aquatica.

Interzoo 2016 was a wonderful week, can we meet again on our website?

It was really fun to talk to you on the Interzoo 2016!
In week 23 there was a little shock that the webshop was not that ready as we thought but.....
here we are..... inviting you to take a look at our website AND at our webshop!

Welcome to our new website!

Here you can read more about our new website!

Interzoo 2016

Interzoo was a great success! 
Thank you very much to all the visitors. It was fun to talk to you! 
Very soon we will launch our new webshop! 
Stay tuned!

Pet food at SonGrow! Why?

With aquatic plants you create a beautiful and healthy environment for fish. Good pet food is also important.
Healty pet food (frozen) and challenging pet food (living pet food).